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During the past 30 years, The Probate Source (Bill Hayman) has worked with many Probate and Trust Attorneys throughout California. There are many ways in which he can help add more value to your practice and help provide even more personal service to your valued clients. Many Attorneys that I've worked with in the past have used my services to handle most, if not all of their uncontested Probate work, and have avoided the often costly expense of hiring a full-time para-legal or in office assistant. My constant attention to details, excellent calendaring skills, and personal service and touch for each and every client provides a level of service that few offices can match. I work hard to respond to all phone calls, emails, texts messages, and inquiries from clients within 1 hour. My calendaring skills help assure that your uncontested Probate case is set for a pre-grant nearly 100% of the time. You are able to spend your valuable time working on the cases and issues that require your legal skills rather than worrying about routine paperwork. I run into many Probate and Trust adminisstration cases that I as a non-Attorney am not able to work. I am always looking for qualified and successful Probate and Trust Attorneys that I can refer these cases to. If you would like to talk about being placed on my Probate and Trust Attorney referral network, please give me a call. Below you will find some of the many services I can provide at a very reasonable cost.


Service: Description:
Prepare, Complete, & File All Judicial Council Forms: We prepare all your standard Probate Judicial Council forms to your specifications. Send out all forms to your clients for signature and return. We always provide postage paid return envelopes for all clients. If a client is local, we can arrange to meet in person with the client to obtain signatures if timing and the situation requires that. We file all documents with the Court Clerk, and provide .pdf copies back to your office. All forms prepared are submitted to the Attorney for approval before being sent out to the client for review and signatures.
Basic Pleading Preparations: We prepare all the basic pleadings that may be necessary with an uncontested Probate matter. Pleadings such as Nomination of Administrator, Waiver of Bond (if the Judicial Council form is not used), Receipt of Distrbutee, and of course the Petition for Final Distribution, Order for Final Distribution, Supplements to correct any errors or omissions that may have ocurred in the original document(s), and etc. Again all documents that we prepare are submitted to the Attorney first for review before being sent out to the client for review and signature(s).
Prepareation of Complete Estate Accountings: We are very experienced at prepareing Estate accountings and can prepare those for you as well. Whether it be a partial accounting or a final accounting, in cases where the accounting will not be waived, we can be of help with that.
Maintain An On Line Database & Copies Of All Court Filed Documents: We maintain on on line record and database of all Court filed documents which you have password protected access to. You can view and download copies form the website at anytime for your convenience. The on line database also provides important dates as to when case action(s) were taken as well as copies of all Court minute orders and tenative rulings.
Routine Client Contact(s): If you would like, we can handle routine contacts and questions about the mechanics of Probate with the client. Any questions of a legal nature are directed back to the Attorney. The on line database also can provide a record of all client contacts between us and your clients.
Skip Tracing & Locating Missing Heirs, Beneficiaries, and Will Witnesses: We have access to a number of the best paid database search sites as well as some other helpful databases and have a pretty good record of locating missing heirs, missing beneficiaries, missing will witnesses, and confirming when such person(s) may have pre-deceased the decedent. We routinely conduct numerous phone calls to track missing persons and keep a detailed record of those actions for you. This service is made avaialable to all Attorneys we are working with at no additional cost.
Complete Probate Real Estate Services: Being a licensed Realtor specializing in Probate and Trust real property, we can handle the complete management of the Probate real estate sale from start to finish. This included preparation of all needed Judicial Council forms and documents needed whether they be the Notice of Proposed Action forms or Waiver of Notice of Proposed Action forms. We also complete the proof of mailings for you as well. Should the sale require Court confirmation, we prepare, and coordinate all the required forms needed for that including the petition, order, notices and publication.
Field Work & More: Any routine field work, Estate related errands, and etc. we can help with. We are very flexible and willing to provide you with whatever services your particular Probate case may require. We can assist your clients with things such as setting up an Estate sale, garage sale, moving and hauling services, contractors and handymen to fix and/or repair property prior to sale, and much more.

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