Probate Source Success Stories...

The Probate Source has numerous Probate and Trust clients that we have helped over the years. Many of these clients faced difficult and time sensitive situations in order to save and/or successfully sell their Probate property before a looming foreclosure. Below you will find a brief description and then a link to a more elborate description of the particular situation. If you would like to speak with any of our prior clients about their particular situation described below, please feel free to contact us and we can put you in touch with that past client. He or she would be happy to tell you about the services we provided.


Success Story: Description:
Estate of Thomas Fred Sheya (El Dorado County): The Probate home invovled had a notice of default filed on January 29, 2018, and the foreclosure process had started. Initial contact was made with the Administrator of the Estate on March 28, 2018. The Probate Source successfully negotiated with the lender to forestall the foreclosure process to allow enough time to get the Probate home sold, and the family realized $57,511.84 in sales proceeds that would have otherwise been lost in foreclosure.
Estate of Cora Nash Mittenzwei (Sacramento County): The Decedent's two children (brother and sister) had started the Probate on their own without an Attorney, but ran into issues prior to the initial hearing date. The Probate Source made contact with them, and they decided to employ our services. We completed the entire Probate process for them, as well as listed and sold the Probate home for them obtaining a sales price above aksing price.
Estate of Mary Frances Stevens (Sacramento County): The Decedent's family had resolved themselves to the fact that the Probate home was going to be foreclosed on when we contacted them. Thorugh research and analysis, we were able to show the family that there was indeed a significant amount of equity in the home. We assisted the Decedent's son in getting the Probate started, and getting him apointed as the Administrator at no out of pocket costs to him or the family. In October of this year (2018) the son got his Court appointment, and we were able to get the home sold before the foreclosure sale date. The sale proceeds totaled more than $60,000 which the family would have lost had the foreclosure gone forward.

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