The Probate Source is a low cost and often no cost alternative to the high cost of Probate Attorneys:

Do you need to go through Probate due to the passing of a loved one? Are you tired of the thousands and often tens of thousands of dollars that Probate Attorneys want to process the Probate? Are you looking for a more than reasonable alternative? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", please read on.

PROBATE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE DONE BY A PROBATE ATTORNEY:  Many people are unaware that a Probate Attorney is not required to process a Probate. If you have a Probate case that is "uncontested" (no one wants to fight over anything, you just need the paperwork done), then you do not need an Attorney to process your Probate. You can do it yourself or have a non-Attorney service such as The Probate Source help you at little to no cost.
CAN YOU PROCESS MY PROBATE AT NO COST?  About half of the Probate cases we process from start to finish for our clients are done at no cost. There are certain qualifications that our clients must meet to do that. Specifically, to qualify: (1) Your Probate must be located within the State of California or Nevada; (2) Your Probate must be a case that is uncontested; (3) You must have a home or other real estate that has a fair market value of at least $300,000, is part of the Probate and you plan to list and sell that real estate; and (4) you must use our Probate real estate services to list and sell that real estate. If you meet these 4 qualifcation requirements, then there will be no charge for our Probate services.
WHAT IF MY PROBATE CASE HAS NO REAL ESTATE CAN YOU STILL HELP?  Yes, absolutely. If you don't qualify for a "No-Cost Probate" with our service, we can still help you. We can still Probate your Estate at a very highly discounted rate when compared to what Probate Attorneys charge. And the best part about that is we charge nothing up front. Our fee is not due until near the end of the Probate process which on average takes about 1 year to complete.
WHAT IF I AM LOW INCOME CAN YOU HELP?  Most definitely. We will assist you with getting your Court fees waived so that you can avoid that. If for some reason your income is not quite low enough to qualify for the Court fee waiver, we have financial assistance available.

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