Finally, A Low Cost Alternative For Probate...

The Probate Source is a low cost, non-Attorney alternative to the traditional high cost of Probate through Probate Attorneys. Many people are unaware that an Attorney is not required, and often not necessary to Probate an Estate. If you need to go through Probate due to the loss of a loved one, and the Probate will be "uncontested", then an Attorney is usually not necessary. An "uncotested" matter is one in which no one is going to contest or fight over anything. It is just a matter of getting all the paperwork produced, filed and through the system. If this describes your Probate matter, then you can save thousands, often tens of thousands of dollars by using a company such as The Probate Source instead of a Probate Attorney. The Probate Source, owned and operated by Bill Hayman, has been probating Estates in California for almost 30 years, and has probated successfully more than 700 cases. Bill has saved California families more than five million dollars ($5,000,000) in unessesary Probate fees and costs. Bill Hayman is a registered and bonded California Legal Document Assistant specializing in uncontested Probate matters. Bill is also a licensed California Realtor specializing in Probate and Trust property sales.


Attorney's Fees Versus The Probate Source's

Estate Value: Attorney Charges: Probate Source Charges: You Save:
$250,000 $8,000 $2,500 $5,500
$350,000 $10,000 $3,300 $6,700
$500,000 $13,000 $4,290 $8,710
$750,000 $18,000 $5,940 $12,060
$1,000,000 $23,000 $7,590 $15,410

* The Probate Source has a $2,500 minimum to Probate an Estate. Probate fees are calculated on the gross value of the Estate, not the net.

** If you list for sale the Probate home or real property with The Probate Source, then your Probate fees are discounted even more!


The Probate Source NEVER charges any of its fees up front. The Probate fees are not due until the filing of the Petition for Final Distribution with the Court, and the acquisiation of the final Probate hearing date. Depending on the County where the Probate has been filed, and the availability of hearing dates from the Court, this can be anywhere from 8 to 12 months from the time the Probate was started. It costs you nothing to get the Probate started and essentially about 75% completed other than the normal Court associated fees (Court filing fee, publication fee, and a few other minor 3rd party Court related Probate fees).


Probate Court: County Assessor: Probate Real Estate Sale(s):
Prepares and files all Probate related forms and documents with the Court. Provides copies of all filed documents to the client. Acquires the necessary hearing dates from the Court. Monitors the Probate Examiner's notes prior to all hearing dates. Keeps the client informed as to the progress of the Probate at all times, and provides an online account through the web site where the client can log in, download, and view copies of all Court filed documents as well as see the progress of the case. Prepares and files the required county Assessor forms and documents with the County Assessor for any real property which may be going through the Probate. This includes the Change in Ownership - Death of Real Property Owner form, Parent to Child Reassessment Exclusion form, and the Grandparent to Grandchild Reassessment Exclusion form (when these forms are applicable). Take care of the entire sales process from listing, marketing, sale, and close of escrow. Make sure that the client has the taxpayer id number for the Estate and assist with the obtaining of the Estate bank account (if needed) so as to be ready for the Title Company to wire funds from the real estate sale into the Estate bank account. Work closely with the Title Company to ensure that all of the required Probate forms and documents needed to close the sale have been obtained, certified by the Court, and delivered to the Title Company to meet all Probate and Title requirements to close the Probate real estate sale.

Common Questions About Probate:

  • Is an Attorney required to go through Probate?  (Ans: No.)
  • Why is Probate so expensive?
    (Ans: It doesn't have to be. Through the Probate Source you can get your Probate case completed at a fraction of what Attorneys charge, and, if you plan on selling the home or real property during Probate, at an even larger discount.)
  • How much do Probate Attorneys charge?
    (Ans: Almost all Probate Attorneys use the Statutory Attorney's Fee Schedule which is set out by law in the California Probate Code. See that fee schedule here.
  • Why do I have to go through Probate anyway?
    (Ans: Probate is required in California anytime someone passes away and the property and assets they left behind are titled solely in the Decedent's name and have a gross value of $150,000 or more. It doesn't matter if the Decedent had a Will or left no Will. If the Estate meets the two requirements stated, then the only way to transfer the Estate property and assets is through Probate.)
  • If there is no Will, things are a lot harder, right?
      (Ans: No, actually often when there is no Will, its easier.)
  • Am I stuck with my Probate Attorney if I'm not satisfied or happy with their services?
    (Ans: No. Your Probate Attorney is in essence your employee. You hired him or her, and you can let your Probate Attorney go and hire another if you feel its necessary. There is a Court procedure to do that which is not normally difficult.)
  • Why does Probate take so long?
    (Ans: An uncontested Probate case should take somewhere between 8 and 12 months to complete depending on how busy the Court is with regard to assigning hearing dates. If it takes any longer then that, then its usually the fault of either the Probate Attorney or the Executor/Administrator not responding and/or completing/submitting paperwork in a timely manner.)
  • Are the heirs to the Estate personally responsible for the debts of the Decedent?
    (Ans: No. The heirs are not personally responsible for the debts, the Estate is. If the Estate is solvent, then the debts of the Decedent must be addressed, and there are many ways to do that.)

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