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"A low cost non-Attorney alternative to the high cost of Probate & Trust Attorneys"

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Probating The Estate:

Tired of paying thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in unecessary Probate Attorney's fees and Court costs? Our unique Probate services can help you Probate the entire Estate for a fraction of what an Attorney charges. If your Probate case is going to be an "uncontested" case, read on and save yourself and your family many thousands of dollars.

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Selling Real Estate During Probate:

No matter what other Real Estate Brokers and Agents try to tell you, selling a home or other real property during the Probate process is not the same as a regular real estate sale. Not having an experienced Probate Real Estate Agent working for you can cause problems, delays, and even unnecessary legal problems.

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Trust Administration Services:

If your mother or father passed away with a Living Trust in place, that's a good thing. But now what do you do? There is a prescribed method of administering a Trust which should be followed so that the Successor Trustee doesn't find him or herself with problems down the road. Many of these prescribed methods are set out in statute and/or the California Probate code. The Probate Source can help you with the Trust administration at a fraction of what Attorneys charge.

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Distressed/Foreclosure Probate & Trust Properties:

Sometimes when a loved one passes, they may have fallen behind on their mortgage payments due to advancing age and/or thier financial situation prior to passing. Or perhaps they may have taken out a reverse mortgage on the home. The Probate Source has a lot of experience working with distressed homes and properties in these situations. If you find yourself in a situation like that, you need to act NOW in order to save whatever equity may be remaining in the home. Putting off taking action only deminishes the chances of recovering any equity for the Estate and family.

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Access To Probate & Trust Attorneys On A Limited Scope Basis:

The Probate Source works only with "uncontested" Probate cases and Trust administrations. However in the event you should run into a legal issue or need legal advice during your Probate case or Trust administration matter, The Probate Source has access to excellent Attorneys that can assist on a limited scope or basis. This can save you a great deal of money versus hiring an Attorney on a full time basis when it may not be necessary.

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